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Alexandra John

Hello and I live in Dallas/Fort Worth with my husband and my beautiful daughter.

I love connecting with other mothers and mothers-to-be to be able to encourage, empower, and build them up. Being a mother is such a powerful and enriching call, and in experiencing this, I've found an even greater passion for helping others embrace and walk in confidence in this amazing time! 


Massage (golf ball/traditional)
Breastfeeding support
Post partum care (light house keeping, caring for baby while mama gets a shower and rest, emotional support)


The areas I am willing to travel to are:


Fort Worth








A little about me:

I went through a high risk pregnancy with my daughter. I had (type 1 diabetes, coupled with severe preeclampsia and edema) which turned out to be the "perfect storm" that led to an emergency cesarean, and initial breastfeeding difficulties. But through what many would consider a very rough pregnancy and delivery, I learned that every mother and child's journey is completely unique, beautiful, and filled with light and love, even if it wasn't in the "plan"!


I look forward to getting to know you!



Contact email:

Phone: 310-951-4058


Rebekah Wallace

Alexandra is an incredibly genuine human being who believes with her whole being in the power we women possess through pregnancy and childbirth. She empowered me to have the best pregnancy and birth possible. Aly was well informed to specific areas that were important to me. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing about Aly is that she has strong convictions about childbirth but if you have desires different than her personal beliefs, she can still 100% support you. I knew I wanted an epidural so Aly gave me information about natural ways to relieve pain, massages my husband could do, and ways to prolong my need for the epidural. Towards the end of my pregnancy I went into early labor a month before my due date. Aly was there for all the late night conversations when I felt so angry that my body wasn't progressing to active labor. After the birth, I told all my friends and everyone who would listen that I couldn't have given birth without all the support Aly had given me. Her words kept being played in my head and when my husband passed out while I was pushing, I was confident enough to laugh it off and keep doing my thing. 

After my son was born, I knew something wasn't right with nursing. I was crying every time my baby needed to eat because I was in so much pain. I contacted Aly to ask her what to do. She helped me find a diagnosis, she got me in contact with a La Leche League leader, she sent me information to heal my nipple trauma, and she checked on me every day. Several other things happened to make nursing next to impossible. When everyone was telling me it was okay to quit and give my baby formula, Aly knew I wanted to breastfeed and she was the voice that kept me going. After 6 miserable, emotional, traumatic weeks, my baby finally latched! And we've been going strong since. Aly was right there to celebrate with me. I tell her that I couldn't have done any of this without her, and she tells me that it was all me. I cannot sing enough praises! 


Breanna Meo

Aly is not only a fabulous doula but she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met! I am so grateful that I found her and had the pleasure of having her as my doula. My first birth I didnt have a doula and it was long and despite my desire to have an unmediated birth I ended up with an epidural. With my second baby I wanted to do better - then I found Aly. Even before I came close to my due date, her support and the conversations I had with her filled me with hope and strength. She was so supportive as I went though some ups and downs with high fluid levels and the terror I felt when the midwife suggested that the doctors might want to induce me if I went past my due date. She encouraged me to speak up and stand up for my desires. My due date came and went and she was there checking in on me, giving me suggestions to jump start labor, and being a cheerleader!! When I finally went into labor my sweet baby was in an incredible hurry and we didnt make it to the hospital. Aly still showed up at the hospital with calming essential oils and her steady support. The doctors wanted to give me pitocin to help deliver the placenta and in my post birth fog I probably would have gone along with it had she not been there to look me in the eyes and say "you know you don't have to do that if you don't want to". Her support there in the hospital room meant so much to me. She didn't stop there! She checked in on me and visited us in the hospital before we went home as well! Aly is such a fabulous doula - you will not be disappointed!!


Sarah Hysell-Pentoney

I am a first time mother who had a very high risk pregnancy, and a lot of unknowns, like whether I would have a C-section or vaginal birth, would my cervix hold up, how large my son would be, if I could carry full term, on and on. Alexandra was knowledgeable, kind, always there when I needed her. She helped me get together my birth plan that covered all possibilities, helped me to figure out what I wanted from my birth, how the people important to me could be active participants, and how to make the birthing process easier for me and for everyone. My partner was blown away with how active of a participant he was able to be. I was able to have the unmedicated birth I really wanted, because she helped me with movements, positions and encouragement to reduce the pain and open my body to birth. She made sure I was hydrated and since I could not eat, ensured I was getting energy from what I drank. She gave me and my partner time right after the birth, so we could bond with our son. She took pictures that I cherish, of the last moments of labor. I fall in love with my partner every time I look at those pictures, and see him in the moment with me.  She also helped with issues that arose from the pregnancy, like ways to help with the morning sickness that lasted the entire time and was there when my LO started becoming stressed towards the end of the pregnancy. She gave breastfeeding advice and I felt confident when I first attempted to fed my son that I would be able to get him to latch (and he did!). She did video call meetings before and after birth as I could not travel and really worked with me, my partner, and our schedules. She introduced me to online groups that have helped support me through the pp process. She removed the fear from the high risk pregnancy and the birthing process. I am so happy she was a part of the magical experience of birth and was so supportive afterwards. I would highly recommend her if you are considering a doula.

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