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Donna Wallace

I am a Mom and was fortunate to receive doula support during birth and the post partum time.   I am a healthcare professional and have worked in the long-term care industy for the past 21 years.


As a doula, I meet with you and your partner well before delivery.  We discuss your wishes for labor and delivery and I explain many procedures which you may or may not choose to have.  We then develop a personalized birth plan that firts your unique needs and desires.


I also educate you about the various possible scenarios of labor/delivery, so if your birth plan is not able to be followed, you are still educated and knowledgable about the various unplanned procedures.


What qualifies me to support you during this most important time in your life?


I received my certification through DONA International.  I received my birth certification in Richardson, Texas and my post partum certification in San Jose, California.


Women's birthing choices are very important to me.  I strongly believe that a womans body is more than capable of giving birth without medical intervention.  I feel that a positive and nurturing environment aides and guides a woman's natural capacity to achieve a rewarding birth.  As a doula, I use comfort support, positioning and emotional support throughout the labor process.


Motherhood is an adventure; a wonderful opportunity to nurture a new life.  My goal is to support women and their partners in their birth choices.  

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