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Hello, I am Laura with Maternal Radiance Doula Services! I feel deeply passionate about caring for others, especially birthing families. Maternity is both a glorious and challenging time in which a woman and her family deserve extra support. 


I have a special affection for babies, children, and mothers, and I spend much of my free time with them. While a young teenager, I was blessed with a newborn nephew in my life. I embraced him like a little brother and have enjoyed watching him grow up since. I am also the proud godmother of a beautiful little girl whose day of birth I shared in. Her mother is one of my best friends, and it was a profound experience witnessing her embrace motherhood for the first time. On that special day, I experienced a calling to take a deeper part in caring for birthing families. In response to this call, I have become a Doula. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others and witnessing the miracle of life. 


As a postpartum Doula, I am here to support and assist during your initial transition after birth. Giving birth is a paramount event, and it is important for the mother to have proper recovery and self-care. There can also be lots of new challenges in caring for a newborn, whether it is your first or fifth child. My goal is to equip and empower you. My services are tailored to your particular needs and preferences. 


I can provide non-medical assistance and education with any of the following:


Mother's needs

-Processing your birth experience

-Physical & emotional recovery from birth

-Mini massage

-Creating your support system

-Light household duties & nursery organization

-Assistance with baby while you shower, rest, eat, etc. 

-Information, resources, and referrals


Father's needs

-Supporting, encouraging, and guiding him as necessary


Baby's needs

-Newborn bonding

-Feeding of your choice (breast or bottle; pumping)

-Basic care (bathing, diapering, skin, etc.)

-Soothing techniques

-Infant sleeping


-Baby wearing


Family needs

-Sibling adjustment

-Encouragement of self-care for the parents


My education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) from Humboldt State, as well as First Aid/CPR certification (infant/child/adult). I am a licensed healthcare professional. My next goal is to become a certified lactation consultant. I continuously seek to expand my knowledge and experience as a postpartum Doula. Additional passions in my life consist of hiking, bird watching, fitness, and choral singing.  


Please allow me to provide you with my joyful, loving, and professional Doula services. It is an honor to accompany in the journey after birth. My hands and heart will be extended to you. 

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(707) 845-8457

Laura Martinez

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