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Melissa Duey


I am a Humboldt County native, wife and mother of 4.  I am passionate about life, health and nurturing everlasting experiences. I feel very blessed to have had such beautiful, doula-assisted births: natural births at Redwood Memorial Hospital and a homebirth.  No experience on earth could have taught me in a lifetime what birth taught me in a matter of moments. 


My husband and I agree that no woman or couple should have to journey through pregnancy, abor and delivery without the compassion, skill, resources, and loving hands of a good doula.  


It is very important to me that every woman's birth choice be heard and respected, I cannot emphasize enough that I believe in you! My goal is to support you in having your best possilbe pregnancy and birth experience.  


What I offer as your doula:

Resources & Information

Nutritional Guidance

Breathing Techniques

Emotional Support


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