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Renee Tompkins 

"Le Doula Coeur", A Doula's Heart ----
Doula services by Margot Renee


A little about me:

Married, mother of two grown children

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication

Surrogate mother to twins in 1999, remain close with German family

Worked eight years in an OB/GYN offifice

Culinary Arts Degree, currently a private caterer as well as a doula

Enjoys traveling the world, exploring other cultures


My approach as a Doula:

Utilizes comfort measures such as essential oils, massage, hip and back pressure, dozens of  laboring positions

Able to calm and focus the laboring mother effectively through breathing exercises, repetitive touch and sound, music, lighting, aromatherapy

Respects and works well with medical professionals; believes a natural hospital birth IS possible

Provides a delicious organic meal at the 1st postpartum visit!


My Personal Birth Philosophy:


I believe that every woman has an iron will, an inner strength that manifests itself during childbirth. I want to encourage and empower women to make her baby’s birth day a warm and joyful event, whether it occurs in a home or hospital setting. 


Whether you want all-natural, “mostly” natural, or end up with more medical assistance than you planned for, I am prepared to guide you and your partner to the other side so that you can be proud of yourself, and grateful for your healthy baby!

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