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Shannon Ames


A little about me

I'm a native of Redding, Ca. My husband and I have been together for over 10 years. In our free time we like to spend as much time outdoors with our furkids, we have 2 dogs that are very loved and spoiled. We can not have children do to me having a hysterectomy in my mid twenties. We will be adopting when the time is right in our lives, not sure when that will be, but we will know. I have been working with children in all stages of development; preschool/toddler teacher for 10 + years, along with other side jobs that includes summer camps, babysitting for support groups for parents, and after school care for at risk children. I also have my CPR in Adult/Child/Infant. On my free time I like to take photos of mother nature and I'm also a photographer. I love being able to capture special moments for people.


 As Your Doula

~During your pregnancy I will provide you with information to help you make the best decision for your pregnancy and YOUR birth and be there for support. I am just a phone call away.


~ During your birth I will be there assisting and nurturing moms/dads throughout the entire labor and delivery. I will be using various relaxation techniques to help make your birth more comfortable.


~For your postpartum I will make at least two appointments to see how everything is going. I am here to help support you. I can also help out around the house doing dishes, laundry, cooking etc. I can watch your children for you to rest, shower, date night etc.


*Having a natural birth? Hire a doula and let her help you with             pain coping techniques.


*Having an epidural? Hire a doula and she can help you

avoid some of the common complications that can come

with epidurals.


*Having a c-section? Hire a doula and she can help you have

the family-centered birth every mother wants.


Contact Shannon Ames




"I wanted to take the time to thank my AMAZING doula Shannon Ames for being supportive and for helping with all of the small things that add up to one big thing to help make me feel comfortable and confident during my labor"                                                                                                         ~VM

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