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Te'sa Ballanco

Providing a Woman with basic respect and care as she becomes a mother is one of the most important things a person can do for the world- this a belief I have held since childhood. 


Mothers are the unsung heroes of our society. The unconditional offering's and earnest effort's a woman stitches into the life of her child will quite literally shape the future of this planet; her memories and experiences will be passed down through generations to come. 


In my work with women, what I have come to discover about the female experience is this:  

Something magnificent begins to happen when a woman feels safe, listened too, educated about and supported in her choices; She begins to trust herself. She begins to believe that anything is possible, and most importantly she feels empowered and content in all aspects of her physical, mental and emotional health. Families are built when mothers feel respected, valued and supported. It is my desire to see your families needs being met so that you might feel confident in your abilities and supported in your choices as you move through this most precious time.


Born at home in Boulder, Colorado, I developed a healthy curiosity about labor and birth at a young age. At age 15, I began a career in the fashion industry, where I remained until retiring to pursue a midwifery and medical education. I am currently pursuing dual degrees in Midwifery and Integrative Biology. I am trained in both infant and adult CPR and hold a certificate in placental encapsulation from IPPA. I am a DONA trained doula. I currently live in the mountains of Douglas City, CA with my husband and our 5 dogs. 


I serve families choosing to birth at home and in the hospital, delivering both vaginally and by elective cesarean. Thank you for considering me for your birth, and I wish you well on your parenthood journey!


T: 303-845-0630



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