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Tina George


Congratulations on your pregnancy and transformation into parenthood.  I see childbirth as one of life’s profound rites of passage.  Working passionately as a doula, I provide continuous care, encouragement and intentional presence to women and their partners during pregnancy, labor and childbirth.  Whether you choose to birth in the hospital or at home, my role is to help you manage the intensity of labor’ pains, challenges and celebrations while your midwives, nurses and doctors manage the clinical aspects of your labor.


In our childbirth classes and prenatal appointments, I will help you find ways to:

• cope with the intensity and pain of birth; 

• prepare for labor by connecting with your partner through massage and touch communication;

• explore your cultural and personal views about labor and birth; and 

• open your body-mind before and during labor with multi-sensory processes and visualizations. 


In addition to my doula work, I am a certified massage and CranioSacral therapist, and Birthing From Within certified childbirth educator.  I have been in private practice in Arcata, California for 12 years.


My training includes: CranioSacral therapy; Intra-oral TMJ release; Swedish massage; Deep Tissue; Manual Lymph Drainage; Pregnancy, Postpartum and Induction massage; Reiki; Insight Breathwork; and Mindfulness Meditation.


I specialize in treating women in all stages of life: particularly adolescence and puberty; prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum care; and peri- and menopausal services.  The foundation for all my work lies in creating a safe space for release of tension and stress while inducing a profound state of relaxation.


Please visit my website at


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