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I began my doula training focused on becoming a DONA certified doula. I read all the required materials and attended the three-day workshop in San Francisco. I learned a lot. However, in the space of time between my certifying births I discovered something amazing. The Doula Alliance. The Doula Alliance is a organization dedicated to provide extensive doula training along with unreal support, sisterhood and best of all, friendship. I was invited to go over Unit 6: the business aspects of being a doula; something DONA never discussed. I was eager to learn how to turn this beautiful gift into a successful career. The Doula Alliance training was equally extensive, but they went over and beyond the skills that DONA provided; giving you a massive binder full of information, techniques, resources and so much more! Along with that, if any new information needs to be updated The Doula Alliance always keeps you in the loop and provides you with all the latest materials. I am a very holistic kind of woman. I believe that essential oils, massage therapy and tinctures are necessary in a satisfying birth outcome. The use of these are prohibited by DONA, CAPPA & PALS. I did not want to be limited on helping a woman cope with the pains, anxieties and fear of childbirth. As a doula, not only do I want to offer evidence-based information for her to make the best choices I want to comfort her by means of aromatherapy, massage therapy, acupressure, counter-pressure, and more! I feel that by certifying with The Doula Alliance, it allowed my 'birth-bag' to be overflowing with: doula skills, business skills and freedom to be the best doula I can possibly be.

Denise Foreman, CD (Doula Alliance)

I was blessed to be trained as a doula by the Doula Alliance.  During my training I realized that I had found my niche in life...birth.  The trainers were so kind and patient with me.  


As I find out more about other trainings, it makes me all the more glad that I chose the Doula Alliance as my path to becoming a doula.  I feel very supported in my career choice and feel part of a family.  Anytime I have a question or just need some guidance the trainers are right there beside me.  I love being part of a great network!  I would highly recommend the Doula Alliance when considering becoming a doula!


                                          Kristene Enloe

 I was trained by the Doula Alliance. There was a lot of information that was given and I couldn't stop looking over all what I just learned. When I was done with the  training I felt that I was on my right path. I started getting my business together and getting the word out that I was looking for clients. I had my first client by May and she gave birth in April. During this time I had the support of my trainers, if I had questions I would go to them and ask. They never made me feel silly for asking anything. They gave me the info for me to do my research and bring that back to my clients. I had completed my births for my certificate just a few months after I completed the course. 


It was amazing to be allowed to help these mothers during this time of their life’. I feel so very lucky to be apart of their story. When each of the babies came in to this world I cried, it truly is an amazing thing to be there and witness a new life in this wonderful world of ours! The Doula Training and my local Doula’s in the north state have become like sisters to me. I feel so happy to be on this journey of being a Doula!         

                                          Shannon Ames

I was initally trained through DONA 2 years ago but after struggling to work as a doula I came across the Doula Alliance ONLINE training program and decided to take the Business Savvy Doula course. I was BLOWN AWAY by the information and support that I got!! After I finished the course the trainers were still there to answer all of my questions. Because that course was so extensive, I decided to take their entire doula course even though I was already certified through DONA. Again, I was completely blown away by the information that the Doula Alliance training provided to me. Compairing the two trainings, the Doula Alliance training was hands down the better of the two. After trying for 2 years to get my doula practice going, the Doula Alliance training made it possible for me to finally jump in with both feet. It was like all the trade secrets and documents were at my fingertips and all the guess work was gone for me! Right now, I am charging my clients and am completely booked for the next 6 months. Thank you ladies for creating something so amazing! Thank you for your support and your hand holding! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the sisterhood!


Sandra Whitmore, CD

Proudly from the Doula Alliance 

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