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What Makes the Alliance Different?


The Doula Alliance is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most comprehensive trainings around and here's why:


We fill in the gaps that the other trainings leave behind. We have simplified the process and made it incredibly easy for you to understand and learn by.


We have lots of information about natural remedies, essential oils, herbs, and aromatherapy to give you great tools for your doula practice. 


We pride ourselves on having the information you need to become a successful business-minded doula in any area!


No annual fees!


No restrictions on what you can and can't use in your doula practice.


We offer an extensive business section with downloadable documents at no extra charge!


We have the flexibility of offerning certification either online or by group trainings in your area to help build your doula community!


We offer tons of mentoring and support! 


Join the Sisterhood!

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