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The Birth of the Alliance

Longing for a sisterhood and needing support, the Doula Alliance started to emerge.  Seasoned doula, Donna Wallace and I headed up the alliance in 2007. We spent the beginning years focusing on building our alliance with the doulas that were working in the area and spreading the doula word to the Humboldt County community. We realized there was a lot of education that needed to happen in order for all of us to make a living at being doulas. So, our objective became clear, we needed to bridge the gap between the doctors, midwives, nurses and doulas, helping everyone see that we are all on the same team wanting the same goal...a mother & father happy with their birth experience and a healthy mom & baby.  


So the community outreach began. The Doula Alliance facilitated doula talks and luncheons at clinics and hospitals to familiarize doulas with the medical staff and have them teach us about their practices. We were successful in creating a good name for doulas in the community and business became plentiful quickly.  The word got out about this alliance and we kept getting interest in us leading a training.  


I immediately set about creating a doula training manual that was a mixure of the trainings I had attended, as well as, years of experience working as a doula. I love hosting and teaching these trainings, now with my daughter, Laura. We look forward to working with each new doula as a mentor in some way. 


What Doulas Do:

Doulas build a close relationship with their clients and provide continuous emotional and practical support, without making assumptions. Doulas actively listen and empathize with women throughout the time they work with them, providing unconditional and non-judgmental support, as well as, education through their journey to becoming a mother.


Most of us would agree that being a doula is a privilege and we gain immense satisfaction from working with our clients. We do hope that you, too, find fulfillment in your new role as a doula.


Our aim is to be there to support you on your journey and to answer any questions you may have along the way. Please contact us!


Always here for you~

Tracey Dahlen & Laura Dahlen

Doula Alliance Coordinator/Trainer

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