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About Your Leaders & Trainers

Tracey Dahlen has been married for over 25 years. She is a mother to three wonderful grown children, one of which, is a leader for the Doula Alliance and is the mother of Tracey's first grandbaby!   


Tracey was the fire behind the beginning of the Doula Alliance that started back in 2007. Check out the birth of the alliance story.


Tracey has been a doula for over 20 years. She opened a pregnancy resource center called With Child Doula Services in 2008. This office was incredibly special to her, and it was a lifeline for expectant families. Nothing made Tracey happier than being able to provide services and support to the families in her community.


Tracey closed her office in 2011 so that she and her family could relocate to Redding, California. She hopes to reopen another doula office there, which will include a handful of doulas to work collaboratively together. 


Tracey was one of the doulas interviewed for and is quoted in the book Become A Doula written by author Rachel Gurevich. Rachel also wrote the book The Doula Advantage. 

Daughter of Tracey Dahlen has been around pregnancy and birth all of her life but became a certified doula in 2011.  She has worked as an intern for the Doula Alliance for the past 6 years and spent a year working for With Child Doula Services as a personal assistant. She has completed an EMT course, is CPR certified, and has volunteered over 500 hours in the ER at Redwood Memorial Hospital, as well as, at St. Joseph's Hospital, in Humboldt County.  
She has a passion to help families become healthy and loves to educate on proper nutrition. 

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