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Robin Rather


Since witnessing, my little brothers birth, at 5 years old, I have always had a special attachment to childbirth.  At 17 years old, I began a career in the medical field at a local  hospital.  My mother was a nurse there and I spent most of my early years with nurses and doctors.  I have attended many births as a support person.  Every birth is unique and special.  


After graduating from high school I went to the local Junior College to begin the RN Nursing program.  I took some time out to become a mother.  In this time, a spiritual path has unfolded,  leading me to my work as a doula.  My education has given me a deeper understanding of the birthing process.  I do not  believe in the use of medical intervention unless truly necessary.  However, I will support and respect each family in their personal decisions, as this is your Birth Experience.


    * Breath

    * Visualization

    * Education

    * Resources

    * Massage

    * Understanding



I have enjoyed working with mommies, babies and families for over 15 years.  Pregnancy, birth and post partum are empowering and are natural processes of strength.  As your doula, I am honored to be a tender guide to this intimate transformation.

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