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Shawna Schmidt  ~  Mid-Iowa Doula Services

My name is Shawna Schmidt. I am a DONA trained doula. I am married to a wonderful man named Brad and the mother to three great kids, Alesha, age 17 years, and 11 year old twins, Nolan and Grace. My husband farms and owns a dirt and demolition company. We love spending time together camping and going to all the kids school activities!


After the birth of my twins in 2004, I was profoundly affected by the power of birth and how deeply it can impact a woman's life forever. This is also the time when I learned about what a doula was (thanks to a show on TV called “A Baby Story”). Fast forward 10 years, and here I am with a thriving business and I’m happier than I have ever been.


 “To be by a woman’s side as she journeys through this most amazing transition is a privilege beyond measure. And now, to speak of birth, to touch people’s hearts and souls, to awaken that part of humankind that has forgotten that it matters enormously how a baby comes into the world…. that is my task.” – Vicki Chan.  This quote perfectly sums up how I feel about my profession as a birth doula.  It is always a privilege and an honor to be chosen by a women and her partner to attend their birth and provide them with support through their journey to parenthood.  The birth of a baby is truly a remarkable miracle that takes my breath away every time I witness the blessed event!  



My role as a doula:

·        Helping her to rest and relax

·        Providing support for her partner

·        Encouraging nutrition and fluids in early labor

·        Assisting her in using a variety of helpful positions and comfort measures

·        Constantly focus on the comfort of both the woman and her partner

·        Helping the environment to be one in which the woman feels secure and confident

·        Providing her with information on birth options


I also offer:

Placenta Encapsulation

Belly Casting

Infant Massage Instruction


Phone- 515-570-5194

Kamrar, IOWA




Serving Ames, Webster City, Fort Dodge, Clarion and surrounding areas in Iowa. 

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“First of all I want thank you for giving me this amazing experience! All the information before hand and your support during my 33 hours of labor helped me tremendously!! I want to thank you for all you did from helping me manage my pain to making me feel good about myself once delivery was over as you did my hair and makeup! I was excited for pictures with my new lil blessing Elias Daniel! If I ever decide to have another baby I will definitely use your services again!! Thank you again for the awesome experience I’m so happy that I made the right choice by having you present!! Thanks again!!” Love, Julie


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