Laura Dahlen

It was by serendipity that I became a Doula. From a young age I was surrounded by pregnancy and birth. After I graduated high school I had the honor and privilege of really being able to witness pregnancy and labor intimately my best friend. That was when I realized that being a doula came naturally and easily. So it only felt right to get certified; I took the Doulas By Nature training in Humboldt County in February of 2011. Shortly after that, I worked with my mom at her doula office and then took the Doula Alliance training where I fell in love with the sisterhood!

My love for the Doula Alliance grew into a leadership position where I help with physical trainings, put together manuals and I am in charge of the hospitality. I also assist with our monthly meeting and workshops.
















A Doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during, and just after child birth.
This is mothering the mother.

Dear expectant mother,
Cherish that belly of yours, I promise once your baby is earth side, you will miss those flutters and dream of having the uncomfortable nights of sleep again. You'll see your baby growing right before your eyes at the speed of light, while you try to balance the feelings of excitement and heartbreak that overwhelm you. Happy your baby is growing, yet heartbroken by its new found independence. I remember being almost 41 weeks pregnant and thinking " my goodness, will this just be over with?" If you find yourself saying the same things, try to find patience, even if you don't think you have any left.  I sometimes feel an empty feeling in my belly in the place that once carried my fiery little ginger who now roams our home and fills our walls with her loud baby screeches. Relish in this special moment, soon it will only be a memory.
All my love,


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When I became pregnant in October 2014 I knew I wanted to give my body permission to labor and birth without restrictions. I wanted to empower and encourage my body to be in control and free.
I held onto this quote, "Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear."
Jane Weideman

This made for a very satisfying and humbling birth of my beautiful baby girl.
The birth of my daughter gave me the most amazing gift of becoming a mother. The journey to motherhood has taught me endlessly about surrender, about forgiveness, about facing fears, about chasing dreams, and most importantly about loving myself so that I can wholly love others. I've discovered the absolute best parts of myself through this journey of creating and sustaining this new life. She is the beginning of everything I was ever supposed to become and I am having the time of my life fulfilling my destiny in her.

This new chapter of my life has given me a different perspective of what it means to be a Doula.
Who will mother the mother? Who will she connect with as she shapes and molds this new life?